episode 4: Kevin Maney – Author of Trade-Off

Kevin Maney Author of Trade-Off interviewWhile a technology journalist at USA Today, Kevin Maney began to recognize a pattern that all successful products and brands follow: they are all either extremely high quality (high fidelity) or super convenient.  He took his theories to the successful CEOs who inspired them and soon revealed these concepts in his USA Today column.  The article generated more emails from his readers than he had ever received and he quickly decided to detail his new concepts in a book, Trade-Off: Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don’t.

Listen to this Between the Liner Notes exclusive interview as Kevin explains the Fidelity-Convenience trade-off and how it not only applies to the music industry but, could have saved it from the post-Napster implosion.

Fidelity Convenience Graph - Kevin Maney Trade-Off interview

The Fidelity-Convenience graph

Photos from interview
Two-Second Advantage
Kevin’s album “Privacy”
VSA Partners
New York Times article about Carly Simon and Starbucks

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