episode 8: Natalie York

Interview with Natalie YorkDescribed as “Soulful, warm, and sophisticated” by the Washington Post, Brooklynite Natalie York has always had songwriting in her blood. Listen as she discusses everything from passing notes with lyric ideas back and forth in her 5th grade class while growing up in Virginia, to becoming an independent artist and learning how to manage her own business. Amidst the stories Natalie gives live performances of songs from her album Threads and previews brand new material never before recorded. Hear it all, only in┬áthis exclusive interview on Between the Liner Notes.

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2 thoughts on “episode 8: Natalie York

  1. Thanks, Matt…what a wonderful interview with Natalie York. She is a wonderful writer/performer!…..and you’re a wonderful interviewer. Your interview style is rich and friendly without being intrusive. It’s so nice to follow you on “Between the Liner Notes.” You’re a star!!

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