episode 8: Natalie York

Interview with Natalie YorkDescribed as “Soulful, warm, and sophisticated” by the Washington Post, Brooklynite Natalie York has always had songwriting in her blood. Listen as she discusses everything from passing notes with lyric ideas back and forth in her 5th grade class while growing up in Virginia, to becoming an independent artist and learning how to manage her own business. Amidst the stories Natalie gives live performances of songs from her album Threads and previews brand new material never before recorded. Hear it all, only in this exclusive interview on Between the Liner Notes.

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episode 7: Liv Buli – Data Journalist for Next Big Sound

Live Buli - Next Big Sound podcast interviewNext Big Sound has been culling terabytes of data from the internet since 2009, tracking every view, stream, “like”, and “follow” a musician receives. In an effort to reveal the narrative hidden within this data, Next Big Sound teamed up with Liv Buli — making her the world’s first music data journalist.

Listen to episode seven of Between the Liner Notes as Liv explains the process of using data as the basis for reporting, and how the newly-popular concept of Big Data will shape the future of journalism, the music business, and the world. She discusses topics ranging from her accurate prediction of the winner in the Best New Artist category at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards — to the social media ramifications of Miley Cyrus’ new hairstyle. Hear the complete interview exclusively on Between the Liner Notes.

Liv Buli’s blog
New York Times article about The Human Face of Big Data

episode 6: Indaba Music

Indaba Music Interview

Dan Zaccagnino (Left) and Jesse Chan-Norris (Right)

Indaba Music is an online music community that lets musicians collaborate, trade feedback about each other’s work, and participate in opportunities such as contests for remixing and songwriting for popular artists.

Listen to this Between the Liner Notes exclusive interview as two of Indaba’s founding members, Dan Zaccagnino and Jesse Chan-Norris, discuss how they grew the company from an idea to over 750,000 members, and the hurdles they faced along the way.

Dan Zaccagnino on the Colbert Report

episode 5: Jeff Rabhan – Chair of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

Jeff Rabhan InterviewWhen a fateful timeshare tour in Sedona Arizona lead to a chance meeting with the then-unknown singer/songwriter Michelle Branch, Jeff Rabhan became her manager and helmed Branch’s meteoric rise to stardom. Michelle’s success launched Jeff’s career as one of the top artist managers in the world, with a client roster soon including artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Everlast, and Kelis. Rabhan’s company Three Ring Projects released Elliott Yamin’s debut album independently and broke the record for most units sold by an independent artist.

Currently, Jeff serves as Chair of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and uses his experience to guide students through the treacherous and ever-changing waters of the music industry.  Listen to Jeff Rabhan share his stories and hard fought wisdom exclusively on Between the Liner Notes.

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Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music
Jeff Rabhan’s book Cool Jobs in the Music Industry

episode 4: Kevin Maney – Author of Trade-Off

Kevin Maney Author of Trade-Off interviewWhile a technology journalist at USA Today, Kevin Maney began to recognize a pattern that all successful products and brands follow: they are all either extremely high quality (high fidelity) or super convenient.  He took his theories to the successful CEOs who inspired them and soon revealed these concepts in his USA Today column.  The article generated more emails from his readers than he had ever received and he quickly decided to detail his new concepts in a book, Trade-Off: Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don’t.

Listen to this Between the Liner Notes exclusive interview as Kevin explains the Fidelity-Convenience trade-off and how it not only applies to the music industry but, could have saved it from the post-Napster implosion.

Fidelity Convenience Graph - Kevin Maney Trade-Off interview

The Fidelity-Convenience graph

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Two-Second Advantage
Kevin’s album “Privacy”
VSA Partners
New York Times article about Carly Simon and Starbucks

episode 3: John Raso – The Harry Fox Agency

John Raso Interview - The Harry Fox Agency John Raso is a music industry journeyman who has found himself in the middle of many historic moments.  He watched indie giant SST Records unravel when it began to oversaturate their fan base with too many record releases, and he was at Atlantic Records when the gangster rap controversy tore Warner Music Group apart.

Listen to the latest episode of Between the Liner Notes as John talks about getting Sugar Ray on the Howard Stern Show, buying the underage band Live beer, and working at MCA records with an intern named Puff Daddy.  He discusses his current role at The Harry Fox Agency and analyzes the new economics that streaming media and the internet have brought to the music industry.  Listen to this exclusive interview on Between the Liner Notes.

The Harry Fox Agency
Steve Albini analysis of Major Record Labels
Malcolm Gladwell’s Fleetwood Mac presentation

episode 2: Deborah Newman

Deborah Newman Interview - MusicStrat.comWhen no one else at Columbia Records believed that MTV or the music video format would be anything more than a passing fad, Deborah Newman embraced them both, becoming responsible for executive producing music videos and live television performances for the label.  She soon found herself spearheading a new division of CBS Records, creating long-form music programming for television and home video.

Listen to the latest interview on Between the Liner Notes as Deborah tells stories about touring the USSR with Billy Joel while producing his “Live From Leningrad” HBO special and home video and working on the Peabody award winning documentary “John Hammond: From Bessie Smith to Bruce Springsteen,” an American Masters PBS special.  Always the trailblazer, Deborah began working with music internet companies like N2K’s Music Boulevard, PressPlay and Muze.  Also a licensed attorney, she talks in depth about how outdated copyright law and new methods of digital music distribution have created hurdles for music technology startup companies.  She founded her consulting company MusicStrat to help startups like turntable.fm navigate the treacherous waters of music licensing in the digital age.  Listen to these tales from a music pioneer exclusively on Between the Liner Notes.

Billy Joel: Live from Leningrad
John Hammond: From Bessie Smith to Bruce Springsteen

episode 1: Richard Barone

Richard Barone, the bongos interviewRichard Barone began his long career in the music industry while in Florida at age sixteen when a chance meeting with Tiny Tim led to his first job producing a major act.  He eventually made his way to Hoboken, New Jersey where he convinced the owner of Maxwell’s Pub to allow his newly formed band the Bongos to be the first act ever to perform there.  Soon, the Bongos were discovered in Hoboken and signed to a record label which led to the recording of their first album and first international tour.  Since that moment Richard’s career has taken many fascinating turns on both major and independent labels allowing him to work with many legends of the music world as songwriter, performer, record producer and concert promoter. Listen to this exclusive interview on Between the Liner Notes

The Bongo’s discography
Richard Barone’s discography
Richard’s autobiography “Frontman: Surviving the Rockstar Myth”
Tiny Tim “I’ve Never Seen a Straight Banana”
Jolie Jones “Little Kisses”
Cool Blue Halo 25th anniversary

Drums Along the Hudson cover art - Richard Barone Podcast interview

The Bongos – Drums Along the Hudson cover art