episode 12: Larry Mills

Larry Mills podcast interviewAlthough Larry Mills has worn many hats in the music industry, his career has always focused on the success of independent artists. At age 22 he founded Atlanta based Steam Records which issued early releases by Lisa Loeb and Rusted Root. He then expanded his reach by founding Autonomous Records, helping bands like Sister Hazel and Creed penetrate markets throughout the southeastern United States. Next, he entered into music licensing as VP of Marketing and Partnerships for the trailblazing music licensing company Pump Audio and later becoming the first-ever VP of Strategic Marketing for Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Mills’ current company Music Media Advisors works with We Are the Hits to monetize user-generated content on YouTube.  Listen to this exclusive interview as Larry discusses his experiences in the industry trenches and shares the valuable insights he has gleaned from running two indie labels, empowering indie artists to license their music, and helping YouTube teen stars earn an income from singing cover songs in their living room. Only on Between The Liner Notes.

episode 2: Deborah Newman

Deborah Newman Interview - MusicStrat.comWhen no one else at Columbia Records believed that MTV or the music video format would be anything more than a passing fad, Deborah Newman embraced them both, becoming responsible for executive producing music videos and live television performances for the label.  She soon found herself spearheading a new division of CBS Records, creating long-form music programming for television and home video.

Listen to the latest interview on Between the Liner Notes as Deborah tells stories about touring the USSR with Billy Joel while producing his “Live From Leningrad” HBO special and home video and working on the Peabody award winning documentary “John Hammond: From Bessie Smith to Bruce Springsteen,” an American Masters PBS special.  Always the trailblazer, Deborah began working with music internet companies like N2K’s Music Boulevard, PressPlay and Muze.  Also a licensed attorney, she talks in depth about how outdated copyright law and new methods of digital music distribution have created hurdles for music technology startup companies.  She founded her consulting company MusicStrat to help startups like turntable.fm navigate the treacherous waters of music licensing in the digital age.  Listen to these tales from a music pioneer exclusively on Between the Liner Notes.

Billy Joel: Live from Leningrad
John Hammond: From Bessie Smith to Bruce Springsteen